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Women of Analytics

Come together to celebrate Women of Analytics across the globe! Use this platform to network, learn, motivate, unite to think and act to drive change.
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Planned User Group Meetings?

Alteryx Certified Partner

Are there any planned User Group meetings?  I'd love to do a Webinar once a quarter and hear what other women are up to using Alteryx.  I know that Alteryx has been a big part of me getting control over my career.  I'd love to hear what other women are doing.  

Alteryx Partner

Hi @Charity_K_Wilson, where are you located? My understanding is that a lot of cities have their own Alteryx User Group meetings once in a while!

Alteryx Certified Partner

I am in Dallas.  We have a very active User Group.  No worries here about getting a chance to meet up with real live Alteryx Users.


I really loved the experience at the Women in Analytics lunch during Inspire last year.  It was  . . . well, it made me feel like I belonged.  I'd love to get to experience that more often.  

Alteryx Partner

Howdy @Charity_K_Wilson! Although I live in Sydney now, I stayed in College Station, Texas for about 5 years! Hopefully there will be an event like the one your mentioned in Sydney soon too...

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@Charity_K_Wilson, I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed the Inspire event, it is exactly why we are looking to do more around of Women of Analytics. We will be hosting another panel luncheon at Inspire Anaheim, we're finalizing the details and will be able to share more soon.


I'd really like to hear if there is more interest from the rest of the group to have more live or online events. It is something we have been thinking about for the 2nd half of the year, once Inspire is behind us.


And if so, are there any platforms you find conducive to interaction & engagement with the panelists?


What topics or questions would you like to cover or hear about that could be helpful?

Alteryx Certified Partner



For me, I love seeing the wide variety of things that we are doing in Alteryx.  I'd love to see a regular User Group that covered just as many topics as an in-person group covers.  It's not the topics themselves that I think are important.  I know that there is simply a different dynamic when I am not having to prove my worth to the men that I work with.  I realize the value of the things I'm doing.  I realize that I have unique skills that truly bring value.  Its easier to speak up, and be myself, and find myself acceptable.


One thing that is important to me is to have the chance to meet in person.  Last year I was sitting in the audience at the Women in Analytics luncheon.  They asked each of the participants how they liked to network, and what sort of networking activities they did.  Many of them talked about Twitter, LinkedIn and the Alteryx Community.  But Samantha Roher mentioned that she would prefer to sit down and do lunch.  I was chatting with the women at my table, and suddenly it dawned on me that Sam lived here in Dallas.  Guess who I've had lunch with once a quarter?  I think its so important to realize there is support so close to home.  We aren't as alone as we think we are.


I'd love to do lunch with any of the women here who can get to Dallas.  Lunch is my treat.


Charity_K_Wilson I agree, I really enjoyed the luncheon last year. Unfortunely I will not be able to attend Inspire this year. I would be interested in more live and online events. I live in Michigan.

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi, @Charity_K_Wilson!  I love your ideas, especially the idea of a regular Women of Analytics User Group that meets quarterly, whether by webinar, in person, etc.!  I have been helping to lead the Dallas Alteryx User Group for 4 years, so I would love to assist with starting a Women of Analytics User Group as well.  This can be for the entire group here, as well as one in the Dallas/Fort Worth TX area.  Currently I help start internal Alteryx user groups at corporations and non-profits, so I would be happy to help here if needed; Julie, please feel free to contact me if I can assist in any way.


Charity is not only an active member of our Dallas Alteryx User Group, but has been a guest presenter, and is presenting at our next user group meeting this month on Predictive Analytics in Healthcare!  :)  I am definitely interested in joining you for a Women of Analytics Lunch in Dallas.  Thank you, Charity, for all you do, and for sharing your ideas!



Alteryx Partner

@Charity_K_Wilson A Women of Analytics group (Webinar) would be great! (Ditto with the career part- I absolutely love that I get to work with Alteryx, I can't get over how much it does that I don't even know yet- and have been learning new things pretty much everyday-it's re-invented my job into "what data challenges can I overcome today"!!)


Unfortunately our user group here in St. Louis,MO isn't active so I tend to get all my help/knowledge/ideas from our amazing Solutions Consultant (shout out @TonyM)  (perhaps I should make a better attempt at finding other people like me locally...)


Look forward to seeing if there's a Women of Analytics meeting at Inspire!!








Is there a planned WoA user group meeting at Inspire 2018?