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If you're anything like me, my LinkedIn is constantly full of empowering and thoughtful articles shared by peers who inspire me. From articles highlighting the need for equal educational resources for all students, to reading how @tessaenns motivates her team to "Alteryx Everything," it's clear that the world around me is full of like-minded thinkers who are passionate about making a positive difference.


The Women of Analytics initiative at Alteryx is just one way we're working to empower the amazing women driving the analytics industry, and I want to call out some of the other incredible organizations who are providing tools to women and girls to make sure they succeed.


Organizations that immediately come to mind are Girls who Code, working to close the gender gap in the tech space, and ForbesWoman, facilitating conversations with successful women around the world.


What organizations have inspired you in your career? Have you volunteered, mentored, or had a mentor help you get to where you are today? Share your story with us, shout out other amazing organizations, and help to inspire others by commenting below!


Maddie Johannsen

Customer Advocacy Coordinator, Alteryx




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There are many organizations who push to create equality for women.  I love the work of Women who Code.  I appreciate Girl Scouts, and all they do for young women.  


For me, education made a huge difference in my outlook. My university experience opened my eyes.  In Business School, our Business Stats program was taught by a woman.  In her, I could suddenly see what sort of woman I wanted to be.  When I was in school, I was judged by my work, and not as much by my gender.  I saw women taking leadership roles.  Women didn't have to be glorified secretaries.  They were free to spread their wings and soar.




Personally, I try to provide that example on a regular basis to the women around me.  I write a regular blog as part of my job.  I make sure that I feature women equally.  I need to see that women are succeeding.  I need to know that my experiences are "normal'.  So, I write the blog.  I provide to the world the things that I need to help me keep pushing.  Here are two recent blog posts about women doing really cool things in analytics.





Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for posting this @MaddieJ!


An organization that comes to mind for me, is UN Women. whose purpose is to support global standards for achieving gender equality -- They work with governments and civil society to design laws, policies, and programs/services to ensure that standards are effectively implemented and truly benefit women and girls worldwide. 


UN Women initiated the  HeForShe movement, inviting people around the world to stand together to create a bold, visible force for gender equality.

I also wanted to point out Twitter's effort to publicize their initiatives to build a diverse and inclusive workforce: Building a more inclusive Twitter in 2016


While I haven't seen an updated version of this for 2017, and just recently discovered their VP of Diversity and Inclusion (who published the blog) is no longer with the company, I still think it's a good example of a company trying to do the right thing. I'd love to see more businesses openly share EEO reports and progress towards diversity goals. It's pretty inspiring stuff ☺️

Leah Knowles
Manager, Global Community Engagement


I have found some great resources through Google's Women Techmakers program. They aren't really active on LinkedIn, but their twitter feed (@WomenTechmakers) is great!


I've been inspired by HBR (Harvard Business Review) podcasts and publications for years. They started a podcast earlier in 2018 called HBR Women at Work and it is fantastic.


I've also been inspired by the work that Alteryx and Tableau are doing with Women of Analytics and Data+Women.


There is a non-profit called Women In Data that is also focused on diversity in data science. 


There are so many great resources out there!