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Knitting and Alteryx?

10 - Fireball

Knitting and Workflows.jpgDoes anyone else see a connection between knitting and Alteryx?  I think the systematic and creative side of knitting has so much in common with workflows.  And I think my knitting teaches me how to think thru a workflow.  If I want to make a scarf, I need this 400 yards.  If I want create an Attrition Curve I need to know how many people quit at what interval in their career.


Anyone else see this relationship?

7 - Meteor

I'm a crocheter and really never thought about it, however I completely agree. I like those colors :)

8 - Asteroid

Not a knitter, but greatly amused :)

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
11 - Bolide

Such a cute and insightful observation! 😄

7 - Meteor

I do knit, sporadically, but being left-handed perform the stitches backward. The patterns seem to work out as they should, somehow. However, this leaves me 100% unable to teach my granddaughter. 🙄


Maybe this applies to analytics as well. There is always more than one way to reach a desired outcome. Some more convoluted than others. 

7 - Meteor

Knitter and crocheter myself and I completely agree, there is a clear connection.

It's where creativity and attention to detail meets together to make something great.