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Women of Analytics

Excellence Awards 2021 | Deadline Extended: Submit by April 2

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hello everyone,


I’m excited to announce that we are now accepting submissions for the Alteryx Excellence Awards, our most prestigious recognition of analytical talent. This is your chance to gain visibility and showcase your remarkable solution and impact. We would love to see some representation from the amazing women in this group! 


**Deadline extended** To participate submit here your story by April 2, 2021, explaining how you used the Alteryx Platform to solve an analytical challenge. There are five award categories that encompass all proficiency levels and solutions, from beginners to experts. The Alteryx judging panel will pick five winners, one for each category.


Please, help us get the word out to other women of analytics: Click here to share the promotional post on Linkedin.


The winners will receive a free pass for Analyticon or Inspire, a LinkedIn certificate, a place in the Hall of Fame and a customized computer-controlled Zen garden. 


Trophy: a customized computer-controlled Zen garden.Trophy: a customized computer-controlled Zen garden.