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Women of Analytics

Come together to celebrate Women of Analytics across the globe! Use this platform to network, learn, motivate, unite to think and act to drive change.
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I would LOVE to be a presenter at the Finance User Group and/or Women of Analytics!! I have several use cases that I could share from my experiences at T-Mobile in Accounting/External Reporting, and could share my experiences working as a woman in a male-dominated industry vs. an enterprise that goes above & beyond to emphasize inclusion.


Excited to see all the enthusiasm here!!


Hi team!

I've just recently joined the leadership of my local user group (Milwaukee) so I don't yet have a whole lot of experiences to share, but will say I'm looking forward to collaborating with my peers! We're putting the finishing touches on our Q1 meeting, and so far the amount of planning on each of us has been relatively painless (there are 6 of us to split the work).


I work for a manufacturing company, so I'm guessing this would likely put me in the Public Sector group. I'd be happy to help with leadership of that as well if needed (though I'd like to give first dibs to other people first!). I'd also be happy to present - I've recently developed a series of analytic apps that automate our Rebates payout process. We process more than $26M in rebates each year, and prior to Alteryx, it was done spreadsheets. 


Looking forward to more from these user groups!


Hi Colleen, 


Glad to hear the planning for the Q1 meeting has been going smoothly so far! Super excited to hear how the meeting goes at the end of this month :)


-- Cat

ACE Program Specialist
ACE Program Specialist

I'm loving all the excitement!! IWD is every day, y'all!! :)


So deeply proud and grateful to be a part of such a wonderful community. You ladies rock! <3

Tuvy Le
Customer Experience

Hi @ChrisS !


Being part of this community is truly a rewarding experience from all perspectives, from the preparation as a leader to the friendships made along the way. 

The company I work for sponsored last year's Q4 meeting in which I participated as one of the presenters (specifically talking about Finance transformation). That event performance led to an invitation to be part of the Denver AUG Steering Committee for 2019 which I was honored to say yes to.


I believe this opportunity was a catapult for a major presentation at the Alteryx GKO which I really enjoyed being part of.


I'm definitely interested in helping lead Finance + Oil and Gas industry efforts but I would gladly present as well if needed.

Feel free to reach out to me directly if you would like to discuss further.


I'm super excited about the efforts going on in the community.   


@alyon , thank you for all of your hard work with the Denver User Group! It's always a pleasure working with you and the Denver leaders for our meetings. Excited to potentially hear you present in our upcoming Finance User Group meeting in the future! :) 


-- Cat


Thanks Cat! @CatherineM  It's always very enjoyable to work with you and the team. You make everybody's lives easier =)


Nicole ( @NicoleJohnson ) !!! I hope you do get to speak at our future Finance Virtual meetings. Would love to have others hear about your amazing journey at T-Mobile and as an ACE!


Plus it's always great to have more women on our User Group panels :)



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Thanks @ChrisS  for reaching out to the Women of Analytics Community!  I was honored to present recently at the Healthcare User Group Q1 2019 meeting, and as @SGolnik said, the leadership team of the Healthcare User Group and Chris do an outstanding job of preparing for the presentations, timing, and making sure everything runs smoothly!


It was awesome to work with Chris and their leadership team, and I highly recommend to WoA members to consider presenting at any of the Industry / Departmental group meetings; plus, if you have a chance to present at local Alteryx user groups as well, it gives you added experience - as well as benefits the user group members with insight and new knowledge!


Chris, I am definitely interested in presenting for the Transportation, Finance and Marketing groups; I specialize in Spatial and Demographic Analytics (20 years now) and I have applied Spatial Analytics in all three of these areas.  Location always matters, right?  :)


Thanks again for asking our WoA members to present; I know you will receive a ton of capable and talented presenters from this group!



Alteryx Partner

@ChrisS Looks like I missed the bulk of the conversation but I would love to be a part of these new groups. Whether it be presenting a Use Case or helping the leadership team for these individual user groups.  


Have had some success in helping build the Michigan AUG and currently growing the Chicago AUG. 


@LeahK Currently contemplating the multiple (or endless) benefits that came with leadership role of AUG. More on this thread soon! 


Thanks - Let me know how I can help!