Wichita, KS

2018 Q4 User Group Meeting Recap

6 - Meteoroid

Thank you to all that attended our Q4 user group meetup and a big thank you to those repeat attendees.  It was great to see familiar faces and further learn about everyone's Alteryx Journey.  Don't forget to set out those Alteryx New Year Resolutions for either yourself or your team.


We had a great line up presenters and also tried out a new venue for this session (A loft Wichita - 3642 N Oliver Ave, Wichita, KS 67220).  Users had the option to grab a pint and sit back and collect a plethora of tips and features.


Content Covered:

  • Nate Spriggs - Provided a great overview of utilizing Alteryx's API Download tool to request latitude and longitude from Google's Geocoding API.  The use case showed the power and capability of Alteryx to leverage APIs to clean up your data.  A good recap and overview of this process can be seen from The Information Lab site - How to geocode addresses with Alteryx and Google API

Nate Spriggs - Google API MacroNate Spriggs - Google API Macro

  • Adam Dooley (AUG Leader) - Gave a great overview of Cargill's new Corporate Headquarters in Downtown Wichita and went through all the rich features and capabilities of "In-Database Tools".  If you haven't checked out these tools and you're querying a Database environment - I highly encourage you leverage these tools.  Attached link provides a good overview on Creating an In-Database Connection.
  • Nolan Kempke - Went through the Blob Tool and utilizing Alteryx's API capabilities to land a CSV file on an FTP server.
  • Dalton Clouse - Provided us with a good recap of new features that some might have missed in the recent releases (i.e. 2018.3) ... for example; Workflow Groups and Workflow Cache.  We covered what exactly these capabilities provide the users and how they can apply them in their workflows today.  Additionally, Dalton covered the relatively new Publish to Tableau Server and PowerBI Output tool for those that are passing their data to either Tableau Server or Power BI.  Links to the Alteryx Gallery to download these tools included above.

Adam Dooley - AUG LeaderAdam Dooley - AUG Leader


The evening was rounded out with drinks, Alteryx Doctor Sessions, and some good conversations.


Thank you again to all that attended and keep a lookout for details on our Q1-2019 Meetup.


AUG - SocialAUG - Social


8 - Asteroid

Excellent recap Martin!


-Adam Dooley

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Phenomenal recap Martin! Thanks again for sharing all of the details and pictures from last Friday!