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Alteryx Certified Partner

I am a consultant from the Data School of the Information Lab, and will soon be going on client placements where I will be supporting and training individuals about self-service analytics. Previous to this, I did a masters in molecular plant sciences and was exposed to the power and beauty of R. It is really amazing how it has been integrated in Alteryx allowing the user to save time, instead of learning programming, and perform statistics tests required for example. In the last months I have expanded my data skills exponentially using both Alteryx and Tableau. I would like to get A LOT more practice with Alteryx, are there any blogs, exercises and/or books that you would recommend?






Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Welcome @alexandra_hanna!  Always fascinating to hear the diversity of backgrounds our community members have, thanks for sharing 🙂


Great question on resources. To keep this thread on topic, I've created a new one listing resources both for new users as well as several awesome blogs currently part of our blog roll, for the more advanced or curious! Check it out, and feel free to add any other recommendations on the new thread: Alteryx Resources: Training, blogs, books, exercises