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7 - Meteor

Hi All - My name is Chirag Gosalia. I was using Alteryx couple of years ago, pursued certification (which I missed by 0.2% yes 79.8%) then got busy with job and lost touch . I am now trying to return to Alteryx more as a hobby because I enjoy solving problems and working with data.


Best part about Alteryx is the community and self learning approach. Weekly challenge is a great motivator and this time I hope to progress beyond basics.


I have an overall experience of 12+ years and am currently working as Vice President - Program Portfolio Manager and Operations Excellence Global CoE lead at HSBC. I come with engineering background and have also completed my MBA in Finance. In my spare time I like to get on my motorbike travel across the country or board a flight and travel the world


Keep AYXing




Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Welcome back, Chirag!


I just re-took my advanced certification exam as it was about to expire. Are you planning on trying yours again after two years off?





7 - Meteor

Thanks Neil. Although mine was Designer Core Certification, I definitely intend to re-take the certification and hopefully progress to advanced. It still annoys me that I was so close to getting certified 😉