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New to Alteryx

5 - Atom

Hi team,


I am an Alteryx newbie and want to transition into / apply Data Science. I have heard great things about the Alteryx platform.


I wanted to know if there are any resources which allow me to learn Data Science using Alteryx. I do know lots of resources on data science online. But I am interested in learning data science using Alteryx platform.


Any help in this regard will be much appreciated. 



8 - Asteroid


If you go to the "Academy" menu icon and click on "Learning Paths" you will see there is one path called "Getting Started" and one called "Data Science." 

I recommend beginning by completing the "Getting Started" learning path and doing several of the "Weekly Challenges" labeled "beginner".

Then once you have a good grasp of these tools move on to the "Data Science Learning Path."


(There are also a couple articles with links to free Data Science learning resources outside of Alteryx which you can find by doing a general search in your search bar.)


Hope this helps,


Community Manager
Community Manager

Welcome to the Alteryx Community, @kush0984


@StellaBon is right, you will find everything that you need to learn how to use Alteryx in our Academy. The Learning Paths, the Interactive Lessons, and all the amazing videos will help in your learning journey. 


Hope you have fun and, please, let us know if you need any help along the way! 


Happy Alteryx-ing! 

Flávia Brancato