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New User for Revenue Management

8 - Asteroid

Hello Community!

I am on day 2 with a new company as a revenue management analyst (pricing strategist). Previous software I have used was very industry specific and this is my first time using a platform like Alteryx. Thankfully my coworker is a very knowledgeable and seasoned user.

I also look forward to learning from this online community!

- Justin

16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Welcome @jcasto  !  I think you'll find yourself up and running with Alteryx in no time at all - it's one of the most user friendly softwares I've ever worked with!


Make sure to avail yourself of all the free learning content in the Academy section of the Community!



13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

Welcome to the community @jcasto! The Academy has so much to offer and look through the discussion boards. Everything here can give you ideas on how to solve problems. I really enjoy Weekly Challenges


Happy Solving!