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Learning Alteryx for Co-op at Bank

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Hi Alteryx Analysts,


I've joined the community to learn everything there is to know about Alteryx. Does anyone has experience with the Educational license version? The downloads page is empty. I wanted to get started right away, but had to submit a ticket. 


Any tips or resources you'd like to share would be greatly appreciated! Are there any hidden YouTube channels with great tutorials nobody knows about?


thanks in advance,



Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Hello @w_armstrong and welcome to the Community. 


I will get you some help with this type of license. 

Once everything is in order. and as you are new to Alteryx, I'd suggest you start with the Academy, specially the learning paths

You can also review the content and ask questions on the Designer forum


Hi @w_armstrong!


Have you tried going to the licensing portal again?  Sometimes it takes a few minutes for the product to load in the portal.


If you are still having issues, please email me at amais@alteryx.com and I'll get you everything you need.



Alteryx For Good | Education | Social Impact
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It was all sorted out! Thank you!