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Hi My Name is Puff. I am a Dataholic.

8 - Asteroid

I want to make a quick post to share some thoughts I had.


As the resident expert in Excel, VBA, & Report Automation understanding and utilizing the tools used is a huge chunk of your success or failure.


I was given the opportunity to use Alteryx less than a year ago and this thing is freaking amazing, however, I am far more impressed with the community.


May want to check your server logs... I have hit every KB article out there. The suggests, questions, answers, projects, willingness to share.... everything!


My understanding of Alteryx is probably < a 2nd grade level compared to some of the resident experts I see in this community. So to all ... Thank You very much!


With that, I close with "It is time to step up my game".





Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @stapuff


You are already a Community veteran! thanks so much for your appreciation! I am very glad that you find what you need here. 


On another note, you will be presented from time to time with a pop up survey asking you a few questions about your experience with the Community. Your responses are valuable to improve your experience and we are grateful in advance for the minute it will take you to answer.

Trash Panda

Hello @stapuff and happy to have you in our community! Excited to see the places you'll go as you step up your game 🙂 



Tuvy Le
Manager, Community ACE Program