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Hello Alteryx Community from MaulikJ

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Hello Everyone,


I am very excited to be here. My name is Maulik, currently a business owner of a day spa with background in IT helpdesk, software development and cost control. Like many of us, in these uncertain times, I am here to reskill and retool my abilities to be ready for the exciting world of data science.


I want to sincerely thank Alteryx and its team for providing this opportunity to ADAPT!


Looking forward to lots of learning and interacting with like minded people from varied backgrounds.


All the best to everyone!



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Hi @MaulikJ !


I'm Leeia. I'm also in the ADAPT program. I have added you so that maybe we can help each other out as the course gets tougher. 


What made you take interest in Data Science?

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Hi Leeia,


Thank you for reaching out and adding me. I look forward to collabrate.


Back in my software development days, I enjoyed database design and programming a lot, especially mapping out user requirements. I am intrigued by the new possibilities that data science can bring to solve business problems. I am no expert by any means, but would like to build upon my traditional knowledge of databases, learn about a cutting edge techonolgy and hopefully by the end of it gain marketable skills.





Community Manager
Community Manager

This is awesome guys. @LeeiaI and @MaulikJ we love to see the collaboration among our users. In fact, we also have a discussion thread to share your ADAPT Program goals. Check it out! 

Flávia Brancato