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6 - Meteoroid

I was harassed (in a nice waySmiley Tongue) to join and use the community by several prominent community members during the Inspire 2016 conference. Since they were extremely knowledgeable and friendly (they saved me from eating meals alone), I did not want to let them down…


My name is Ray. I am a long time user of Tableau and new to Alteryx. Combining both applications together, I plan to take over the universe. Okay… Maybe that’s a little ambitious… Let me dial that back a little to “plan on staying employed”.


When I don’t have my eyes glued to my computer screens, my hobby is to have my eyes glued to a TV screen (most of the time forgetting what I am watching when the commercials come on).


I look forward to being a community member.

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
Nice follow through! Welcome to the club.
Alteryx ACE & Top Community Contributor

Chaos reigns within. Repent, reflect and reboot. Order shall return.