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Data Cleansing

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Hi Everyone,


I am trying to use an excel file to do some practice with Alteryx.  My goal is to make a data visulazition of the Syrian refugee's family size and person count.  I think only the yellow area is useful.  Since the orginal data is not a standard column and row table,  as a beginner Alteryx user, I am having a hard time to extract the data I wanted.


I attached the sample dataset here, can someone show me how will you clean the data and extract the information in the yellow highlight? Thanks a lot! 🙂




8 - Asteroid

The headers are really the issue. Use the Sample tool to skip the rows with the header. You could then use a select tool to manually label the fields and a filter to skip the total row.


A more automated solution is to connect another Sample tool to the spreadsheet to select the headers and then manipulate them into nice field names and recombine them with the numeric data.  Look for information on the Dynamic select/rename tools. 


The beginner Weekly Challenges are a really good place to get started and best of all, the old ones already have solutions! You'll learn a lot looking at the official solution, but people also post their individual solutions.

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Thank you so much for your help. The sample tool is a good idea, I didn't think of it. 🙂


Thanks for the recommendation of the "Weekly challenges", I will definitely check that out.


All the best!


Hi ,


I have create one sample workflow. I hope it will work for you.

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Thanks for sharing your workflow. Actually I thought about creating row IDs, but I didn't know how.  Now I know there is a "Record ID Tool". interesting!


I tried to use the Sample tool, here is my workflow. It has the same result as yours.


However, just encoutered another problem.  The data type of the "Family Count" and "Person Count" was string.  They need to be changed to numeric in order to do calucations.  But if I change to int64, it shows only the number before the thousands Seperator.  Do you know how to change the data type?  Thanks again!