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Community Introduction :Nabil Majoul (nmajoul) Switzerland / Tunisia

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Hello Alteryx Community,


My name is Nabil Majoul and I manage Targa (www.targa-consult.com) a new Altery partner.
I'am Based in Lausanne Switzerland and my Company has offices in Switzerland and Tunisia. 
Targa specialses in ERP and Data Analytics. 

We have been a Tableau partner since 2012 and are thrilled to join the Alteryx community.

Warm regards


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @NMajoul


Welcome onboard partner! Thank you so much for taking the time to introduce yourself. 


Based in Lausanne, the French part of Switzerland, you may speak French? If it's the case, did you know that we have a great French-speaking Community too ?


We also have a French Alteryx Academy where you can learn with the Interactive lessons, have fun with the Weekly Challenges and pass the Core Certification in French. You can also ask anything you need to the French Forum and meet French-speaking Users during the User Groups


Very glad to have you on board, in every Alteryx Communities.