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Accounting Student at California State University Fullerton

6 - Meteoroid

Hello Alteryx Community!


I am a MSA (Masters in Accounting) just starting to learn alteryx. The only software platform I have used so far is Excel and have a little knowledge in Python, so I am excited to branch out into different tools to solve complex issues.


I am also a beach volleyball player/coach who has created an easy tool for coaches to use so they can track where players hit the ball when they attack. It is very primitive so I am looking for new ways of creating a better more accurate and visually appealing tool to expand on this beginning concept. 


Thank you for this community!

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Hi @Spencerjalden ,


We're glad to have you on the Community! We like to say our software can save people from 'Excel Hell' so hopefully you'll have a good amount of fun and find success with the Alteryx Designer.


And that's such a cool tool! I honestly never thought about how coaches would track where players hit the ball in volleyball but it makes a lot of sense that having that info would help. What division of volleyball do you coach?


Also, If you're looking to evolve your tool, I think Designer would be a great tool to help you go further. You could potentially turn it into an Alteryx App so it has a user friend interface on it once you're feeling a bit more comfortable with the Designer basics. And if you get stuck with Designer or on a project, you should check out our Designer Discussion boards, they're a great place to ask questions and brainstorm with other users. 

Program Manager - Community Platform, Alteryx
6 - Meteoroid

Hi Kyle,


Thank you very much for the reply!


I have coached at all levels, but more recently, past 8 months or so, (the reason this tool was created) NCAA and professional. I am not coaching in the moment but had created it in the fall of 2019 and set to coach further this spring and summer for the upcoming season (at the professional level). 


I think the sky is the limit for this tool and I believe alteryx could be the answer. An app may be in the future but my experience with programming and data analytics is very shallow currently. I will definitely be reaching out to the community in trying to solve this issue.