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Welcome to the Weekly Challenges! Each week we will post a use case where you can put your Alteryx skills to the test. You'll be able to share your answers and collaborate with other challengers to arrive at an answer. Participation will be rewarded - just make sure you are attaching your Alteryx workflows to your responses!

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#Challenge NameLevel of DifficultyMain SubjectCertification Level
422Investigating Historical Temperature RecordsBasicData AnalysisCore
421Which US city could observe solar eclipses in both 2023 and 2024?IntermediateData Analysis,Data PreparationAdvanced
420The Sierpinski TriangleDifficultSpatial Analysis,MacrosExpert
419Cost Analysis of Easter BasketsBasicData AnalysisCore
418To the Nth Degree and BeyondBasicData AnalysisCore
417Evaluation of Employee Working HoursBasicData AnalysisCore
416The Oscars 2024BasicData AnalysisCore
415Efficient Resource Distribution Using MacrosDifficultMacrosAdvanced
414Mastering Date FormatsBasicData ParsingCore
413Ice Cream Road Trip – A Journey of LoveIntermediateSpatial Analysis,ReportingCore
412Superbowl Time —Lowest-Ranked Football PositionsIntermediateData Analysis,Data PreparationCore
411Link a New CRM to an Existing Financial SystemIntermediateData PreparationAdvanced
410Optimizing Winter Sports InventoryBasicData PreparationCore
409Catch or Drop? Predicting Business Outcomes with RandomnessDifficultData PreparationAdvanced
408Sainsbury’s Market ResearchIntermediateSpatialAdvanced
407Single Biggest Lottery WinnerBasicData PreparationCore
406What Is Your Lucky Number for the New Year?DifficultMacrosAdvanced
405Decorate a Christmas tree, Designer style!DifficultSpatial Analysis,Data Preparation,ReportingAdvanced
404Create a Spatial Match Tool Icon to Shine Over Alteryx HQ (Part 2)DifficultSpatial AnalysisAdvanced
403Create a Spatial Match Tool to Shine Over Alteryx HQ (Part 1)DifficultSpatial AnalysisAdvanced
402Parsing Equipment TagsIntermediateData ParsingAdvanced
401Auto Insights Special Edition – Team 4 Performance AnalysisIntermediateData Analysis
400A Thanksgiving Challenge to Keep You Occu-piedDifficultSpatial AnalysisAdvanced
399Auto Insights Special Edition – Sales Spotlight, Regional PerformanceIntermediateData Analysis
398Generating Time IntervalsIntermediateData PreparationCore
397Auto Insights Special Edition – Financial Insight: Spend AnalysisIntermediateData Analysis
396Analyze the Ultimate Motorsport: Formula 1BasicData PreparationCore
395Bone-Chilling Horror MoviesIntermediateData Analysis,ReportingAdvanced
394Fantasy FootballBasicData PreparationCore
393Find the Best YarnBasicData PreparationCore
392Calculate Climate ExtremesIntermediateParse,Data Analysis,Data PreparationAdvanced
391Which Combinations of Pokémon Types Do Not Exist?BasicData AnalysisCore
390Top US Cricket PlayersBasicData PreparationCore
389Password and Security ViolationsIntermediateData ParsingAdvanced
388Meteorite Impact SitesIntermediateSpatial,Data ParsingAdvanced
387LEGO® My Data (Part 2)DifficultParse,Apps,MacrosAdvanced
386Shed Light on a Bank’s Risky BusinessIntermediateData Preparation,MacrosAdvanced
385Volcanoes in 2023IntermediateSpatial,Data ParsingAdvanced
384Uncover Tennis Stats Upsets!BasicData AnalysisCore
383Data Parsing Delight!DifficultData ParsingAdvanced
382Life Changing Virtual Reality!BasicJoin,Data PreparationCore
381Average Monthly Sales with a TwistIntermediateTransformCore
380Inspire 2023 Grand Prix (Round 3)DifficultPredictive AnalysisAdvanced
379Inspire 2023 Grand Prix (Round 2)IntermediateSpatialAdvanced
378Inspire 2023 Grand Prix (Round 1)BasicData PreparationCore
377Video Game Sales InsightsBasicData Preparation,TransformCore
376Unlock Insights from FIFA Women’s World Cup Data!BasicJoin,Data PreparationCore
375When is Father’s Day?BasicData PreparationCore
374Using Iterative MacrosIntermediateMacrosAdvanced
373Fish and Chips, Anyone?IntermediateData Preparation,TransformCore
372A Header Reference Dataset from Excel Header Reference LettersIntermediateData PreparationCore
371Generate Corporate Email AddressesIntermediate,DifficultParse,Join,AppsAdvanced
370Buzz BuzzBasicParse,TransformCore
369Formula 1 Grand Prix (In)efficiencyIntermediateSpatial,MacrosAdvanced
368Time ZonesIntermediateParseCore
367Manipulating Dates – End of the MonthIntermediateData Preparation,TransformCore
366Three Columns Are a CrowdIntermediateData Preparation,TransformCore
365LEGO® My Data!BasicJoin,Data Preparation,AppsCore
364Career-Minded BarbieBasicData PreparationFoundation
363Coffee or Tea? That’s the question.BasicData PreparationCore
362Capital Gains Tax when Selling a HomeIntermediateData PreparationAdvanced
361Cross Joins at BedtimeDifficultJoin,Data Preparation,TransformAdvanced
360Goodbye, Michael! (Part 2)BasicData PreparationFoundation
359Manipulating DatesBasicParse,PreparationCore
358Goodbye, Michael! (Part 1)IntermediateJoin,Data Preparation,TransformCore
357College Majors in High DemandIntermediateData Preparation,TransformFoundation
356Spelling BeeIntermediatePreparation,Join,TransformCore
355Analyze the Olympic GamesBasicData PreparationFoundation
354Analyze the World Cup LocationBasicSpatial,PreparationAdvanced
353A Pokémon TournamentIntermediateParse,Developer,Join,Data Preparation,TransformCore
352Circular EmbeddingIntermediateSpatial Analysis,Parse,Join,Data Preparation,TransformAdvanced
351Uber Pickups in New YorkBasicParse,Data Preparation,TransformFoundation
350Create a Christmas CardIntermediateJoin,Data Preparation,Reporting,AppsAdvanced
349Analyze the World Cup EventIntermediateParse,Join,Data Preparation,TransformCore
348Reorder a List of NamesBasicPreparationFoundation
347Map Messi and Ronaldo's Goals (Part 2)IntermediateSpatial,Parse,Preparation,Reporting,TransformAdvanced
346Map Messi and Ronaldo's Goals (Part 1)IntermediatePreparation,Join,Transform,Data ParsingCore
345World Cup Sweepstakes (Part 2)IntermediateParse,Preparation,Join,ReportingAdvanced
344World Cup Sweepstakes (Part 1)IntermediateParse,Preparation,Join,TransformCore
343Average App CostIntermediateParse,Preparation,TransformCore
342A Marathon in Paris (Part 2)IntermediateSpatial,Parse,Data Preparation,ReportingAdvanced
341A Marathon In ParisBasicSpatial,Parse,Data PreparationAdvanced
340Say Cheese (Part 2)BasicPreparation,TransformCore
339Say Cheese Part 1BasicParse,Preparation,TransformCore
338Let's Summarize!IntermediateParse,Preparation,TransformCore
337Create a New List from an Existing ListBasicParse,Data PreparationFoundation
336Valuable Technical SkillsBasicJoin,Data Preparation,TransformCore
335Movie DecisionsBasicJoin,Data Preparation,TransformCore
334Literacy PracticeBasicData Preparation,TransformCore
333Remote or Not RemoteIntermediateData Analysis,Data PreparationAdvanced
332The more ice cream, the better!IntermediateParse,Join,Data Preparation,TransformAdvanced
331Time for College!BasicData Preparation,TransformCore
330Check out the weatherBasicParse,Join,Data Preparation,TransformCore
329Near Earth ObjectsIntermediateParse,Data Preparation,TransformAdvanced
328Booking a Flight? Think Twice!BasicJoin,Data Preparation,TransformAdvanced
327A place to stayIntermediateParse,Data PreparationAdvanced
326Totals and Subtotals Part 2BasicData Preparation,TransformCore
325How many hot dogs can you eat?IntermediateData Analysis,Data PreparationAdvanced
324Totals and SubtotalsBasicData Preparation,Reporting,TransformAdvanced
323Analyze books AvailabilitiesIntermediateJoin,Data PreparationAdvanced
322Good Ladies HeistIntermediateParse,Data PreparationCore
321EurovisionIntermediateParse,Data PreparationAdvanced
320Women Representation in PoliticsBasicData Preparation,ReportingAdvanced
319Sports SpotsIntermediateData Analysis,Data PreparationCore
318My first dogBasicData Preparation,ReportingAdvanced
317Blowing in the Wind - Part 2IntermediateParse,Reporting and VisualizationAdvanced
316Blowing in the Wind - Part 1BasicParse,Data PreparationAdvanced
315The One Where Everyone TalkedIntermediateMacrosAdvanced
314Hot Real Estate MarketsIntermediateData Analysis,Data PreparationAdvanced
313Base ConverterDifficultApps,MacrosAdvanced
312Hours, Minutes and SecondsBasicData PreparationCore
311Finding Whale SharksBasicSpatialAdvanced
310Maintenance ScheduleIntermediateData Analysis,Data PreparationAdvanced
309Movie CatalogueBasicData Preparation,ReportingAdvanced
308Size it upBasicPreparation,Data PreparationCore
306Corporate SuperheroBasicPreparation,Reporting and Visualization,Data Cleansing,Join,TransformAdvanced
305International Bank of Awesome Data - Part IVBasicReporting and Visualization,Data Preparation,ReportingAdvanced
304International Bank of Awesome Data - Part IIIIntermediateReporting and Visualization,Data Preparation,Macros,InterfaceAdvanced
303International Bank of Awesome Data - Part IIIntermediateJoin,Macros,InterfaceAdvanced
302International Bank of Awesome Data - Part IIntermediateData Analysis,Data PreparationAdvanced
301New Year's ResolutionsIntermediatePreparation,Reporting and Visualization,Data Preparation,Reporting,TransformAdvanced
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Admins -- do you have a link to the first page, and a link on the first page to the second page?  Am I just missing these links?

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Where do Ifind the list of challenges from # 1 - #300?

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Hi admins, just adding on to the comments above. It seems page 1 of the Weekly Challenges (#1 to #300) is no longer accessible at its original URL: https://community.alteryx.com/t5/Weekly-Challenge/Weekly-Challenge-Index-amp-Welcome/td-p/48275


Update: Page 1 above is now accessible again! Thanks, admins.

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In weekly challenges 

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Attached workflow is modified version of the tracker workflow created by @Hannah_Lissaman@Alekh, and @mceleavey. I have added the url for "weekly challenges - Page 2" too, to include all weekly challenges till date and to build the consolidated view of challenge completion status.

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Excited to start working on the Weekly Challenges!


Hello Weekly Challenge Community,

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