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Challenge #111: Make a Weekly Challenge Dream Team!

8 - Asteroid

Challenge resolved in two ways :


Case1: Used the presented 50 salaries as a way to build a prediction model for all salaries.

Workflow case1.png

Case2: No prediction regarding salaries were made, just took the top 50 as presented.

Workflow case2.png

The dream team :

Dream Team (843 challenges)Dream Team (843 challenges)


8 - Asteroid

Was doing Challenge 25 when I looked into this, decided to try a second method using that logic too. Curiosity almost killed my comp's vents, but fun to try.


8 - Asteroid

Honoured that so many of you have chosen me for your teams! <3 


ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Went a bit rogue on this one... because anytime you are on team NicoleJohnson, you pretty much have to be okay with going rogue. :)


I also benefited from the Fantasy League Optimization workflow example referenced by @patrick_digan and @jamielaird (and by "benefited" I mean more-or-less-directly-copied... can't wait for Advanced Analytics training at Inspire to get me more up to speed on these things!)... and I took the approach of deciding I should be a member of my own team, so I forced selection of myself and then used Optimization tool to fill the remaining 7 slots. Taking this approach, the maximum number of challenges achieved was 671.

However, I decided that my dream team would also benefit from having those who had the timeliest responses to the Weekly Challenge posts get picked for the team, should there be more than 1 person in a given rank (which there was). This ended up being a very long exercise in trying to decipher @LordNeilLord workflow from back in challenge #99 when he created that super-nifty workflow that parsed data from the Community to determine which tools each user had used in their workflow... I borrowed from his first two containers in that magical workflow and then brute-force-RegEx'ed it to spit out users & post times, which I then averaged across all challenges completed per user to determine avg response time (in days).

I then brought this information back into my original workflow and re-selected positions for any that had more than 1 user in the same rank, based on which user had the fastest response time. 

Which was a lot of work for... absolutely no difference in the members of MY team. BUT there are differences on some of the other teams, and I made it an app so you can run it for yourself and see who gets selected for your team, so... happy drafting!

Borrowed from LordNeilLord Community Data retrieval workflow...Borrowed from LordNeilLord Community Data retrieval workflow...Original Team Drafting + Selection based on Fastest Avg. Response TimeOriginal Team Drafting + Selection based on Fastest Avg. Response Time

 Welcome to the team, @CHarrison@Elena_Caric@LandonG@dsmdavid@jamielaird@jasperlch, and @nick_ceneviva!




Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Amazing @NicoleJohnson - I thought it was going to take people a little longer than an hour to recognize this as an optimization problem (thanks @patrick_digan). Alas, this group is too smart! Love

to see a few people taking it to the next level. 

8 - Asteroid

Hi Alteryx Community,


Please see my attempt, it was a little different to what was asked, but I have ranked and allocated prices to each participant, thereafter I wanted to automate participants into team with a Max of 8 each, however i'm seeing that my Macro is using the same participant multiple times when in fact they should be filtered from the next iteration, 

Does anyone have a solution? It will be a great use case for us beginners.



Was a great exercise!




7 - Meteor

Here's my solution! I used the optimization tool (thanks @patrick_digan for the example workflow!) and also got the 685 challenges (655 if I replace Alex with myself on the team). 



Weekly Challenge 111.PNG
11 - Bolide

685. Looking through the replies, it appears that I took the "standard approach".

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Looking forward to taking on all challengers with this team!

8 - Asteroid

the optimization tool gave me a bit of a headache in the beginning, wasn't all too intuitive to set-up, but I got there. now I got my dreamteam that's good for 685 challenges in total. COME AT US! (myself not included in the team ofcourse...)