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Weekly Challenge Index & Welcome

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@OldDogNewTricks - you are absolutely right! Very soon, the badge distribution job is going to be daily. Stay tuned!

8 - Asteroid

Thank you @JoeM and @OldDogNewTricks!   I must have completed my first challenge at the exact time that the distribution job was running, because it seemed to be quite immediate (or relatively so).

18 - Pollux
18 - Pollux

@JoeM.  Woohoo!  Cracked the top ten!  


I've been doing the challenges as a way to learn Alteryx.  I'm doing them in numerical order starting with Beginner, then Intermediate, Expert.  It's been a load of fun.


I just finished 117 and I'm looking for the next intermediate, but it seems your table isn't rendering past 118.  Arggh!  It stops just before the difficulty level!   


I guess I'll just try it and see how it goes


Thanks for setting this up and maintaining it!



18 - Pollux
18 - Pollux



Way to go!  The gauntlet has been thrown.  Lets see who can make it to top first!



12 - Quasar

@danilang - thank you and challenge accepted 😄 

16 - Nebula

Thanks for this @JoeM,


So, just to streamline this, I built a macro to scrape this information so you can see all weekly challenges with difficulty rating and category, and which ones you've completed.

You can download it from the gallery HERE (also attached for ease)


It takes about 15 minutes to run on my laptop because of all the HTML parsing...I'm sure it could be streamlined a bit.



16 - Nebula

Right, a big thank you to @patrick_digan



7 - Meteor

Hi mceleavey - I'm very new to Alteryx.  Can you please provide some instructions on how to run the "weekly challenge index.yxmc" file?  When I open it and click run, it provides a bunch of warnings and messages, but no output.




16 - Nebula

Hi @bblock,


If you go to Options->User Settings->Edit User Settings on the "Macros" tab you should set a path to your macro folder. Save the file in there. 

You should now be able to select the tool from your "Connectors" section.

If you're receiving errors you maybe need to upgrade to version 2018.2

16 - Nebula

Another shout out, this time to @joshuaburkhow who pointed out I'd left my username hard-coded when I was developing!

Schoolboy error.


It's fixed now.