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Weekly Challenge

Solve the challenge, share your solution and summit the ranks of our Community!
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Weekly Challenge Index & Welcome

Director, Customer Enablement
Director, Customer Enablement


We are building a badge for 100 challenges.  I can't share it with you today because it's in progress, but as soon as it's done, I'll post the badge up here!

next_badge.jpghint ;)


eagerly awaiting this mystery badge Joe!

Cleaning up the climbing kit, and packing extra O2 just in-case it's a high one...


gotta say - it really is so exciting to see the leaderboard now having 3 people who are fully complete with all challenges (well done on your recent super-fast-burn @patrick_digan; and to NJ and Esther for keeping the pace going).


@LordNeilLord now have no excuse.


@JoeM - what will we do if you have 10-15 people who all are fully complete.   What a great problem to have - perhaps that's our next target is to encourage anyone we can find who is in the mid 30s or so?   It will be a cause for celebration when we have 15-20 people complete, and a few hundred in progress.   Joe - what do you think about how we as a community can help encourage other folks to emulate NJ; Esther and Patrick's achievement?   


Alteryx Certified Partner

Exciting times @JoeM!


@SeanAdams time to get your crampons out!

Alteryx Certified Partner

@SeanAdams once that shiny new badge is out, I'm gonna crack on!


I'm only 9 weeks behind, that's 30 mins work (I wish).


What about you? You're really slacking

Alteryx Certified Partner

Any news on the new badge @JoeM?


Looks like it's gonna be a 5 or 6-way race to the 100 badge @JoeM and @ChristineB.  

Can we call in ESPN sports again for this one?


How is it looking so-far?

Director, Customer Enablement
Director, Customer Enablement

Now that we are at the 92nd challenge, it's time to give the 100 solution badge sneek-peek!


100.png100 Solutions Badge - Lhotse Face

@SeanAdams @LordNeilLord


that's 100% AWESOME!

Alteryx Certified Partner

Behold that badge of beauty!


@SeanAdams better get cracking!