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Weekly Challenge Index & Welcome

16 - Nebula

Hi @tammybrown_tds ,


attached is the working version I have. Thanks @Alekh with the help on this.



16 - Nebula

Thanks @mceleavey !

16 - Nebula

no problem.gif

11 - Bolide

First Challenge! will be cracking a few of these to help with the advanced certification.

8 - Asteroid

I've completed 20 challenges in the last 30 days.  Why isn't my name listed in the Top Solvers in the Last 30 Days box?  Do I need to do something to make sure that my solutions are counted?




7 - Meteor

How to post solutions for daily challenges?

12 - Quasar

hey @siddharth_28 !

To submit a solution, you need to head to the daily challenge you have been working on, and hit Reply to the post (circled in red):


Then attach the saved workflow to the comment you are posting, using the following  (under the comment field)


It is common for people to also attach a screenshot of their workflow, so that other can learn from their workflow without the need to download it. If you want to do this, be sure to include it in a spoiler tag (located above the comment field), so it appears like:


This helps users navigating through the comments for hints, not get the workflow spoiled for them so they are still able to work on it individually.

Hope this helps, and happy Alteryxing!

7 - Meteor

I was looking at some kind of web app that was being talked about so I thought there might be some different way for it. Turns out I was already following the reply button option. The screenshot option is new. Thanks you so much @TheOC

8 - Asteroid

Hi Moderators/Experts,


Thanks for all the efforts for providing weekly challenges. It's a great learning resources that is currently helping me to continue my practice and learn further.


Best regards,


7 - Meteor

Thanks,  this is really useful