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Weekly Challenge

Solve the challenge, share your solution and summit the ranks of our Community!
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Weekly Challenge Index & Welcome

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@LordNeilLord haha we will try!  Did you read my blog post on the Alteryx challenges? If you have time it's here: 



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Enter new challengers!......





You brave souls



Part time Tableau, Part Time Alteryx. Full Time Awesome

Data Lover


I'm getting on with Alteryx Ok... but I keep attaching multiple files to my posts by accident when I'm trying to but put a few solutions at one time!

Always outfoxed by simple technology!

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I know I can. ;)

Slow and Steady!

Sr. Instructional Designer
Sr. Instructional Designer

Hello, Challengers!  A couple of announcements: 

1) With yesterday being Memorial Day here in the US, the Weekly Challenge was delayed by a day.  Challenge 118 is now ready for you, and has been posted here!


2) Next week is Inspire...can you believe it?!? Current excitement level: happy.gif


Even more exciting?  At Inspire, the Community Track will be hosting a session dedicated to Weekly Challenge to solve together!  This session will be on Wednesday, June 6th at 10:45 Pacific Time, and Challenge 119 will posted then.  If you'll be at Inspire, we hope you'll join us for the session!  If not, join us remotely when the Challenge is posted (Wed, 6/6 at 10:45 AM Pacific time).  Can't wait!     




it was really great meeting up with the community team and the folk who run the AWESOME weekly challenges at Inspire this week

Thank you all for all you do and the energy and fun that you bring to this work!


cc: @JoeM @ChristineB

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I've been a bit lazy recently and I haven't been welcoming new contenders in the weekly challenge arena.


So as an extra special post, in celebration of the success of Inspire, here's a bumper list of all of the new challengers who have started their journey since Inspire.


Welcome to: