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5 - Atom


6 - Meteoroid

Hello fellow community members! I know we all have our preferred methods for keeping track of relevant challenges, but I wanted to share a simple yet powerful analytic app I've developed to make the process even smoother.


This app is designed to easily download and parse the webpage containing the table of challenges. What sets it apart, though, are the interactive interface tools I've included, which allow you to filter by tags and specific data points. With these features, you can quickly identify the weekly challenges that best align with your interests and goals.


I hope you find it as useful as I have, and I welcome any feedback or suggestions for improvements. Let's continue to support each other in tackling these challenges and growing together!


Happy challenge hunting!

6 - Meteoroid

I added in some tracking features where the user can use a list box and indicate which new weekly challenges they completed. Old and newly completed challenges are unionid for a concise log of completed challenges... Thoughts?  


I also designed it so you can input and track people at one time and keep separate completion logs for each individual.