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Weekly Challenge

Solve the challenge, share your solution and summit the ranks of our Community!
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How to Respond to a Weekly Challenge

Instructional Designer
Instructional Designer

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By Golly you’ve done it; You’ve solved a weekly challenge! Now it’s time to show everyone you’re unique approach and collect those sweet badges on community. “But how?” you ask…

1) Reply - when you post a solution, it’s best practice to reply to the original posting. While you can click the reply button on another user’s response, we try to reserve that for questions you about their workflow/initiating a conversation with that specific user.

2) Write Your Response – We recommend attaching your workflow to your post so others can see the configurations you used when building your solution.

Spoilers are another popular option. Click the Insert a Spoiler Tag icon to create a spoiler container. This is essentially a mini response box that will be collapsed so as not to give away any tricks for those who haven’t solved yet.

Many folks like to insert a screen capture of their workflow. Make sure your cursor is in the spoiler box and use the “Photo” icon to upload an image.

3) Stay Active – by default, you’ll get notifications when someone replies to your post. You can opt out but why would you?Response Features.png

Alteryx Certified Partner

Also, add pics or it didn't happen.


Let's get more people on the top step of the podium!  



@IanWi  - it may also be helpful to add that you can attach .yxmd or .yxzp files (to attach a macro or app, you need to export to .yxzp by going to Options --> Export Workflow). This is a frequently-asked question on the threads for app/macro challenges!

I used text to columns, data cleanse, and date conversion.






hi @MaryCastillo 


Congrats on the correct use of the spoiler tag!


I think you posted your solution in the wrong place, though.  You should post it in the thread of the challenge where you got the start file.  Make sure to attach the workflow to your post to get credit and one of the shiny badges.





Hi Danilag - thanks for the heads up!  Looking forward to getting more acclimated.




Would it be possible to post the yxdb containing the data separately from the packaged workflow that shows the start and end points? My organization is on an older version of Alteryx, so I can't open a workflow created on a newer version.


Is there another way to obtain the data so I could attempt a solution with our version of Alteryx?


Hi @jmt214 


Check out the solution posted by @EstherB47 in this thread.  It shows how to edit the files within the package to make them compatible with older versions.



Thanks Dan.