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Challenge #9: Analytics Ranking

8 - Asteroid

I also went the Multi-Row formula route.


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Really enjoyed this one.


First time I ever used the Tile tool which gave me the initial 1-12 rank and after a bit of experimenting I finally figured out how to have multiple people in the same rank 🙂



Solution snip.PNG

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8 - Asteroid

Used multi-row formula tool. But, good to know that "Tile" tool could be used.

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solution attached

10 - Fireball

For a "beginner" challenge - this one was more difficult for me than I anticipated.


Solution attached!

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Alteryx Certified Partner

Satisfied with a 3 tool solution. Same as @Rachel_Burge. See a few using Tile tool. I must learn what that does..


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My solution

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Another fun challenge. Here's my solution:


Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 00.17.49.png

1) Ordered by count descending.

2) Used a multi-row formula to create a new rank field that compares the current row count with the previous row count and either copies or increments the rank.

3) Added 1 to my rank scores as they initialised at 0.

4) Filtered the top 5.
7 - Meteor

Solution attached