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Challenge #88: Counting Combinations

16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Challenge Completed

17 - Castor

This one comes up relatively frequently and is a really nice example in Alteryx of how easy it is to pivot your data.


I first transposed the data grouping by transaction so the objects were in a single column. I then filtered out the nulls and sorted by transaction and then object. I created a title field and cross-tabbed the data back using concatenate. This leaves each transaction in a single row, and all objects in a single cell sorted alphabetically.
Then it;s a simple matter of using a summarise tool to count the unique object values.


8 - Asteroid
This was a very interesting challenge for me as I kept approaching it as an Excel user and being frustrated that I couldn't easily sum across columns.  However, then I remembered about the Unique tool and deleted 80% of my workflow.  Very satisfying.
11 - Bolide


8 - Asteroid

Pretty much the same solution as everyone else (Y)

8 - Asteroid

I made a macro out of my solution for challenge #59 and was able to use that macro here.  





I concatenated all the purchases into a single cell per row.

The macro counts how many time each letter appears in the concatenated value and generates a code based on the counts of each letter

I used the summarize tool to count how many unique anagram codes appear.





8 - Asteroid

We are working through some old ones in our Company's User Group and this is the one we tackled this week. Seemed pretty easy in comparison to most!

8 - Asteroid

A lot of tools, but looks good.  

12 - Quasar
I totally forgot about the Concat action - I could have eliminated the crosstab tool.
8 - Asteroid

Done, had to go back and sort.  🙂