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Challenge #88: Counting Combinations

12 - Quasar


8 - Asteroid

I tried two methods:

One is Find and Replace with values as IDs to Items

Other is direct string CountDistinct approach


Happy Practice 🙂
2019-01-24 (3).png

Alteryx Partner

My solution



10 - Fireball

My solution with 4 tools plus in/out:


7 - Meteor

Realized I did not need to sort out empty values as they filtered out down the workflow. 

8 - Asteroid

another one completed

Alteryx Certified Partner

Nice challenge. and here is my solution.


I did get the same result, but I can see that I could have minimized it furter by doing a Count Distinct last instead of a normal count in the distinct data, but well..

2019-02-20 15_53_01-Alteryx Designer x64 - challenge_88_solution_verakso.yxmd.png


Still Climbing


13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

Definitely misinterpreted this problem at first and thought I was going to need a macro to find all the combinations possible and count how many times they happened. So glad the result is included or I would have been spinning my wheels for hours.

Challenge 88.PNG
8 - Asteroid

A fun challenge

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

I've attached my solution!