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Challenge #80: Slowly Changing Dimensions

10 - Fireball

The dark side seduces another soul.

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Here's my solution.


Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 14.39.50.png
12 - Quasar

Solution attached.

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Challenge Completed

7 - Meteor

Hello All,


I'm submitting my solution for implementing SCD-2. Please refer the attached  diagram below. I'm doing a equi join on the Stage and target table. For the first time load, I'm taking the left outer dataset and inserting into the target. Then I'm using MD5 function to generate a checksum for all the qualifying columns on stage and target table. If the records match then using the Checksum of stage and target , Upsert is decided.


Alteryx Certified Partner

Super fun problem.

Love the odd joins

7 - Meteor

Got there in the end. Dealing with Bob was the main hurdle. 

Not sure how well this would work with removing other records such as Bob.





11 - Bolide

Yikes - I definitely could have done this more efficiently!

8 - Asteroid

Got it!