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Challenge #8: Aggregate Consumer Purchases

12 - Quasar

I really liked the real world application of this one.

7 - Meteor

Overall very fun.


I originally thought about this wrong and it sent me down the filter path as I was trying to find out how many meal deals total not just only allowing one per ticket. In the end I came up with the same solution as most people.

11 - Bolide

Confused about the numbers until realizing that it was july, not june 

7 - Meteor

Managed to solve it and expand the brief to also take into account ticket price 

10 - Fireball

Confused at first by the date range discrepancy but realized the forum had an updated value and this fixed it. 

7 - Meteor

Challenge #8 has been conquered!

8 - Asteroid

I wanted to try this without having to create a separate input.  Admittedly not pretty, but functional.

8 - Asteroid

and another one

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Exported as packaged file.  Fairly straight-forward exercise!

5 - Atom

Here's mine. I used the aggregation tool to create a concatenated string and checked that for the meal deal combo.