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Challenge #8: Aggregate Consumer Purchases

6 - Meteoroid

Really enjoying these


Quick question - I am new to this, so just picking my way through Beginner challenges, is this the best way to do this, or do them in numerical order? TIA


7 - Meteor
To be honest I am doing the same thing. Looking at the Beginner first to gain more knowledge of the processes.

Unless a special challenge is something I need now, then I will tackle it as well.


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6 - Meteoroid

My attempt

6 - Meteoroid

For some reason, my total kept coming out to "15,477" opposed to "15,497." I looked at it for a long time, but couldn't figure out why.

8 - Asteroid

For this one I have another calculation that I think will be useful; this is the percent of products that will be included as a Meal Deal.

7 - Meteor

Similar to most, I summed up each type of food in one order instead of adding a second lookup table. And had to change my dates in the end because I had understood that "from June 2013" included the whole month of June...

7 - Meteor

Here is my solution to Challenge 8... starting to get the hang of this now!

7 - Meteor

Here is my solution to Challenge 8... starting to get the hang of this now!

8 - Asteroid

There were a few other possible ways I would have done this exercise. One was using the multirow formula, to look at the customers ticket transactions and for those customers who either had a burger or pizza and a side or a drink would have been flagged with a meal deal ( Had some difficulties coming up with a way to write the logic). 


I went down the road most traveled by using the filter tool for drinks and sides, and joined those back to burgers and pizza's by the ticketID. Then it was a simple unique counts by ticketids to determine the meal deals.