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Challenge #75: Scrabble Word Finder

8 - Asteroid

This was fun! Such an adventure! I solved all three versions in the same file 🙂 

Screenshot 2021-07-25 001723 - No Blank Tiles.pngScreenshot 2021-07-25 003406 - One Blank TIle.pngScreenshot 2021-07-25 003438 - Two Blank Tiles.png


  I looked for the highest scoring word based on the instructions, but it seems some users looked for the top 5 words per scenario




8 - Asteroid

Solution attached... is it going to be suspicious if I pull out a laptop to play Scrabble in the future?

8 - Asteroid

Here is my submission, create 3 batch macros for all 3 levels of challenges. I was trying to build a macro for 3 different scenarios and use the app to control that, but it seems a bit hard and take more time than I thought.



8 - Asteroid

Check out my solution!

8 - Asteroid

There have been some very difficult problems back to back, but I preferred this process over the Plinko Probabilities problem. Thank you to the individual who identified that the inclusion of blanks made things more difficult. I will say that my solution with no blank letters matched the given solution, but I would be interested to see if the other two solutions that include blank letters will be the same as those blanks overcomplicated things just a tad. I'm glad I'll have this macro though to play words with friends/online scrabble!