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Challenge #63: Data Preperation Using Pivot Tools

Alteryx Partner

This was quite a challenge!


My Solution:

8 - Asteroid

Hello @JoeM I think I'm not too pleased by the suggested Output in the Starter file



because it gives "Total point of sale" for the 24th of April to = 0 across all DMA's.


It's because all the other DMA's and weeks have both an "Inside" and an "Outside" POS data point.


But for the week of 24 April 2016, that data is missing. Probably because it hasn't yet been included as a column in this starting dataset.


Anyhow, in my suggestion I've re-calculated a new total, ignoring the "Null" values and given a column "Checksum" just to be doubley-sure.

For this solution, I've split it into two Containers: 
a. "Identify the columns of DMA data" which ought to scale as more columns of data is brought in; and
b. Re-integrate and pivot the data, which again, ought to scale as more columns of data is brought in.

Again, RegEx to the rescue here!
I used:
and a Replace $2 method to grep out the dates that I wanted.



7 - Meteor
Weekly challenge 63.PNG

My take on Challenge #63

Took me some split-edit-merge parts to make it work.


063 - Pivot Tools - KL.png
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6 - Meteoroid

this was really difficult

Alteryx Certified Partner

Challenge #63 solved


Annotation 2020-06-04 213036.png
7 - Meteor

This was great! Cool that there are several ways to get the same answer

8 - Asteroid

Why does the transpose tool want to turn my 0's into nulls?