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Challenge #58: An Odd String to Date Conversion

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

The solution to last week's challenge is HERE.


This week we will be offering our third ever challenge on converting strings to dates. Sometimes these may be simple, but every once in awhile, we come across those source systems that drop things in a format that are better understood by machine than by a human. In this week's challenge, convert the string to a date using the following rules:


1) The Input contains dates formatted as year, month, day where the first character details if the year begins with 19 or 20.

2) It is 19 when the first character is 0 and 20 when the character is 1.

3) The remainder of the date following the 0 or 1 is the remaining year digits followed by month followed by day.


Example: 1040202 should become 2004-02-02.


5 - Atom

Here's my solution. Quite an easy one.


7 - Meteor

Hey guys,


It is actually pretty simple but I was stuck for 15 min with...


the fact that my result was truncated to 7 characters all the time... then I realize that I had to change the field type or size...


Thanks and have a great week all,



Single formula method.

12 - Quasar

Nice little thinking problem. posted mine on the gallery


My example

8 - Asteroid

Too easy. 

6 - Meteoroid

Here is my attempt...

6 - Meteoroid

As this could be used for multiple conversions, I made a macro out of this.




6 - Meteoroid


I would love to participate to these challenges (to improve my knowledge and learn stuff), however i only have an acces to a 9.5 version of Alteryx so when i try to participate i can't open the input :( 

Do you think that it would be possible to have it compatible with my granpa version ? 


5 - Atom

My solution. Looking at other examples and I ended up with a very similar approach. Why break a working system :)