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Challenge #5: HR Position Finder Application

7 - Meteor

For some reason I can't upload the Analytic App, so uploading the workflow instead.

8 - Asteroid
8 - Asteroid

5. Apps Screenshot.PNG

Useful Challenge!



7 - Meteor

My Solution

7 - Meteor

Here is my solution.

Actually, I didn't understand very well the challenge statement.

So I put two outputs:

  1. One using the value provided in the second text input (containing the value 33333).

  2. One using the value selected by the user in the interface. The interface is fully dynamic.

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

I'll show you how to build dynamic apps, @Shifty  ;)


17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Very cool, and a nice introduction to dynamic parameters in Alteryx:


I first applied a record ID to every row, then I needed to take a stream off in one direction to create the list of possible numbers for the drop-down selection window. This is a bit idiosyncratic in Alteryx in that the drop down list is populated from the column headers rather than the row contents, but anyway...
So, I transposed the data so I had the record ID and the number from every column in one column. I then filtered out the null fields and used the sum tool to group by number and take a count. Cross-tabbing this allowed me to use the numbers as the headers and the count as the value. Once I had the numbers as the headers, I fed this into a "Dropdown" tool and gave it the appropriate question.
Once I had this, I placed a filter on the original transposed data and connected the "Dropdown" tool. In the "Action" tool, I set it to overwrite the selection with the dynamic value.
This I then joined back to the original data using the RecordID.
Workflow.PNGQuestion Window.PNG


NOTE: To see your output when building this, place a browse tool after the last join, open the "Interface Designer" window from the "View" menu and ensure you have configured it to show results on the browse tool:

interface designer.PNG

When you're ready, rather than using the standard run button, use the wand.PNG button. This will prompt you with the pop-up window.


For some reason it won't allow me to upload .yxwz  files, so I've uploaded as a standard workflow.


6 - Meteoroid

Here is my attempt

8 - Asteroid

Feels Pretty Clunky but was able to configure the app to get it to accept the input and generate accurate results!



8 - Asteroid

OK, first of all I was trying to populate the drop down using the values from the input so I take all of them in consideration. I was not able to make it work even it says on the help that should be possible using a connected tool.

Long story short I just populate the drop down using a list of fixed values.

PD: For some reason I was unable to load my yxmz file.