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Challenge #5: HR Position Finder Application

6 - Meteoroid

This was a good one for learning Drop Down lists.  Took me awhile but finally got there.

8 - Asteroid

Here is my solution!

8 - Asteroid

Not sure I posted my solution to this, so here it is!

8 - Asteroid

I couldn't upload the app file (yxwz) so i converted it to yxzp format.

Here is the solution.

10 - Fireball

In my job I design workflows typically to improve analysts' awful manual Excel processes, so I haven't really dug much into interactive apps. The workflow was fairly simple, but being forced to look at a side of Alteryx that I don't use much was valuable. 


Thanks for the challenge!


8 - Asteroid

Here's my solution to challenge 5.

The hardest part was populating the drop down options with the different position numbers.

7 - Meteor

done, not pretty but done

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

First time I've played with interface tools. I have a lot to learn. For some reason community isn't letting me upload the app (contents of attachment don't match file type), so I'm zipping it.

11 - Bolide



I've had problems uploading the file... Hopefully, the packaged workflow will be fine

8 - Asteroid

Here is my answer.


A little more complicated than it needs to be, but the drop-down list is updated dynamically and an excel report is outputted when ran.

Week5 challange.PNG

 Couldn't upload in the yxwz format so saved as yxmd