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Challenge #4: Date Parsing

7 - Meteor

Took help and solved

11 - Bolide

No longer completely intimidated by RegEx. I highly recommend https://regex101.com/ as a learning tool!

8 - Asteroid

I used RegEx parse tool but found it didn't work quite as expected.  I used an "|" (OR) between all of the different regex date expressions, but found that when using \d{1,2} it didn't work. Not sure why.  Just added an additional \d{1| and \d{2} to make it work.

8 - Asteroid

Not Bad at all!! here is my solution...I know Regex Now!!

7 - Meteor
It is easy, you just have to study the pattern.
6 - Meteoroid

Spent some time and finally solved!

8 - Asteroid

Hello all, 

This one was cool as well.

My proposal much more brut, I think:-), My REGEX Skills are still poor.

8 - Asteroid

Too messy! but got the results.


Great way to learn!!

8 - Asteroid
Challenge 4 2020-07-15.jpg
5 - Atom

Solved Attached workflow! Keen to optimize what I've created as I'm sure there must be a more cleaner way to do it.