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Challenge #301: New Year's Resolutions

7 - Meteor


8 - Asteroid

Who tried to upload a PDF?

8 - Asteroid
MT Solution 301.png

6 - Meteoroid

Excellent Challenge..! Attached is my solution with comments on the Solution Path.


Solution Path

1. The first 2 paths are for questions 1 and 2 which primarily look at the resolutions taken by different groups. 3rd path is for Question 3 which looks at groups and whether they were able to do the resolution either fully or part of it.

2. For Q1 and Q2, we need only the top half of the data - record IDs from 4 to 31. Made use of dynamic rename to get the resolutions as the headers and then Transposed it to get the values by Group. For Q1, directly the resolutions can be summarized. For Q2, we first need to filter out Suburban Men/Women and Summarize only for Fitness related resolutions.

3. For Q3, we need the bottom half of the data - Record ID after 34. Remove all unnecessary blank fields and then dynamic rename to get the Yes/No as the headers. Directly summarize based on Group and look for the Top 1 descending which comes out to be college graduates.

5 - Atom

Weekly Challenge 301

7 - Meteor

Uploading my solution.

7 - Meteor

Please find my solution attached here

7 - Meteor

My Solution

8 - Asteroid


8 - Asteroid

Here is my Solution