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Challenge #3: Running Averages

6 - Meteoroid

my solution

7 - Meteor

My solution

8 - Asteroid

There has to be an easier, more automated way than what I did here or they would have named these better (3M avg Var) vs Input_#3_var. I look forward to reviewing the answer! 

8 - Asteroid

Looks like I forgot to make Nulls into 0

7 - Meteor

Solution approach:

1. Impute the null values per RM category and Year. Despite some solutions impute 0 the temporal series value, I use the median value  

2. Create the moving average for 3 nd 6 months for each requested field

3. Perform the cross tab



PS. if anyone has the spoiler code button, please let me know :)

8 - Asteroid

SUbmission for Challenge 3 Alteryx Advanced 

8 - Asteroid

this one gives quite a bit of frustration, but I figured it out. It matches the expected output.

The instructions says for Values that do not exist, set values to closest valis row. This, I was assuming was for multi-row formula tool. For 3mo average and 10rm 6mo average, it used just that. For all other 6mo average, it calculated only on the months available and divided by 6. ie single month value divided by 6....2 month values divided by 6...etc.

For sorting, the original data found in the output is sorted to original column order. For 3mo and 6mo averages, they are sorted in alphabetical order.

The origin of the 3mo and 6mo average name are not helpful either.


8 - Asteroid

had this one sitting around for a few months cause it looked way too annoying




will have to check the official solution, because I doubt this is how it is supposed to be solved

7 - Meteor

Challenge #3 - Solution

11 - Bolide