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Challenge #3: Running Averages

12 - Quasar

Not sure what the deal is with the provided solution but it definitely doesn't look right to me.... 


5 - Atom

Here is my solution

8 - Asteroid

Here's my solution...

calculated the running 3 & 6 month's average.


8 - Asteroid

There seems to be a problem with the provided solution the Dynamic rename has errors and doesn't actually rename the field with the "r3Mo " and "r6Mo " prefix... 


There are 2 solutions in my file... one that matches the output and one that is different but IMO has a more readable output... I assume the Rolling Moving Averages are used to compare the current value to gain some context on improvement or decline... when they are separated by so much it losses that context.  

8 - Asteroid

Dates are always gnarly. Good practice



7 - Meteor

The problem statement is not easy to understand at all. The result adds to the misery as there is nothing you can get out of it. I would like it if someone would be kind enough to explain to me the problem. I have been stuck of this for the past hour not able to wrap my head around how to take the input, apply the moving average formulas, and end up with the result they have given.

8 - Asteroid

I didn't quite make sense of the output so I went for addressing the prompt and then went further to format like the output (though I have slightly different identifiers).


3 - Solution.PNG
5 - Atom

Attempted the challenge 3, figuring out the running average was a little challenge though.

7 - Meteor


Didn't create the same as the sample solution, but created what the directions were asking.

7 - Meteor

Everytime I click on the text input tool of output box, Alteryx crashes. Please advise.