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Challenge #29: Alteryx '16 Grand Prix (Race1, L1)

7 - Meteor

My version of the solution. As others have noted, the 2015 Team Rank is no longer included in the original files.


My solution includes the Dynamic Rename tool.
7 - Meteor

Hello @ponraj ,

Can you tell us why you added two Dynamic Rename tools? I'm trying to understand how it is being used based on your spoiler pic. Sorry, my laptop is being repaired and I don't have access to open the workflow right now.

8 - Asteroid

Here is my solution.

8 - Asteroid

Thanks guys

10 - Fireball
11 - Bolide

Solution attached.  One of the players was listed twice in the desired output, despite there only being 252 in the fantasy list.  There was also no data on 2015 rank, excluding in the desired output. 


11 - Bolide
Annotation 2020-03-17 161309.png

There is a duplicate join for player "MATT DUFFY" in this (and the official) solution


Sam 🙂


13 - Pulsar

Hi @dmodest , First one is to make first row values as column header.  I used same tool second time to rename some column header using formula. 

8 - Asteroid

Solution attached.

7 - Meteor

Solution attached, thanks!