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Challenge #262: With-invoice

11 - Bolide

hard one, got a solution of my own, but not the most iterative probably.

9 - Comet

Another one that bites the dust!

6 - Meteoroid

No macros were hurt during this solution and also I utilized the save and reload from the select tool to bypass the titles which was a pain

8 - Asteroid

Here is my submission. did long time ago, but forgot to submit.

11 - Bolide

Challenge 262

12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar

I think the "start" file should state that the number of dashes = number of characters in each columns as typically in "fixed width" export (which is common but not always the case for such exported formats).


8 - Asteroid

The file structure tripped me out, but there is nothing you can't do with REGEX! 


8 - Asteroid

Long parsing

8 - Asteroid

How to do it as a Beginner?

  • The ley to this challenge is a simple RegexReplace, you need to identify what is a comfortable range of single whitespace characters that can come together between columns, for me it came out to be 17 that sufficed both so the RegEx Replace would look like \s{2,17} which would replace any white space counting between 2 to 17 to a character of choice which you can then delimit with.
  • Always remember Data Cleansing towards the end is very helpful when working with unstructured data

Do not remove punctuation if you aren't sure of data types, because . is treated as a punctuation if data type is string and it can be catastrophic working with numeric fields

  • Try to keep things dynamic else you'll end up spending hours using a select tool and lose the purpose of the exercise
6 - Meteoroid

done and done!