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Challenge #259: Disenvowel

11 - Bolide

My regex solution


10 - Fireball

Done 😄




11 - Bolide

Well, thank god for Regex and @MarqueeCrew making this challenge a piece of cake. 

For all those trying to solve this riddle, it's really helpful to understand Regex and i especially recommend you to read.






Just make sure you understand what the regex does! \B stands for a non word boundary and the letters within [ ] means "a single character presented", thus REGEX_Replace([Input Data], "\B[aeiouyAEIOUY]", '') means to replace all those characters by nothing except if they're a word boundary :-). 

Copy pasting solutions is easy, understanding them is the part that you really should learn yourself to do :-). Force yourself to solve those weekly's with your own knowledge and only allow yourself to dive into tool mastery pages to get to the answer, it's the only way to get a really decent understanding of Alteryx.