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Challenge #225: How Long Has It Been?

5 - Atom

Short but good answer

7 - Meteor

First time working with interface tools - nice challenge and simple solution!

6 - Meteoroid


Alteryx Certified Partner

Just learned that "weeks" isn't an available precision for use in DateTimeDiff().

7 - Meteor

Apps are such a fun way to make workflows much more dynamic. I love them!

8 - Asteroid
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8 - Asteroid

Awesome One!!

8 - Asteroid

quick one!Capture.PNG


8 - Asteroid

For me, this is a neat way to use list box interacting with the select tool. 

Oh the things I have yet to know...

Alteryx Certified Partner

That was a fun challenge.


And I used it to check the date for my first submitted weekly challenge October 14th 2018.

Actually I solved in a a session with @NicoleJohnson Wednesday at Inspire Europe, and it was the Cleudo! challenge, but I first submitted it Sunday.


The App Result.gif


So it has been 649 days since my first submission, and this weekly challenge would be my 135.


That means that I solve a weekly challenge every 4-5 days. or 1½ per week.


So with that rate, here is an idea @AYXAcademy for a challenge 😊
With that speed, how long time will it take me to solve all the weekly challenges, and at what weekly challenge will I be up to par, with them all 😁


So here is how my app/workflow came to look
2020-07-24 09_40_15-Window.png


I did had a small challenge on how to use the list box selector with the select tool, but luckily they built-in help example of the list box provided that.

I better speed up, if I am going to make it to the top.