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Challenge #223: Going Nuclear

8 - Asteroid

my solution

8 - Asteroid

Good Challenge! attached has my solution

6 - Meteoroid

fun little project

8 - Asteroid
EDIT: I changed my order by to total capacity instead. I also probably didn't need to use so many layout tools, but it's a good learning process. tiffanyshaw_0-1595450340057.png


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solution attached.

10 - Fireball

Done, tried using find and replace this time instead of my go-to join






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This challenge caused me some friction


I had some challenges with making the final report, but I think I came pretty close
The ResultThe Result

This is how my workflow ended up 

The WorkflowThe Workflow


Back on the path

7 - Meteor

Another interesting exercise requiring use of multiple tools.   

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Here my solution!

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Challenge 223 is done!