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Challenge #220: Hedge Detection

8 - Asteroid

great to see you're still challenged by something in Alteryx! 

7 - Meteor


9 - Comet

Very intersting challenge, thanks

7 - Meteor

Yesterday, i didn't know what about spatial objects..so i spent Saturday learning about those. 


For this challenge....broken the problem into 3 parts- Fields Calculation, Farm calculations and Hedge length calculations and was able to solve.



8 - Asteroid
2020-06-20 16_22_24-Greenshot.png
9 - Comet
Was looking for a good heuristic to identify the perimeter points. Convex hull was too strict of an assumption, and a few points at concave angles fell out. Ultimately I ran out of time, so this solution assumes an analyst's input which I've limited to a sorted list of points in each field boundary. Probably could have also gotten creative with some cv algorithms on the base map, but...possibly for another weekend. Looking forward to seeing the different approaches here!
8 - Asteroid

Hi, Matt. I went down the same rabbit hole you did, but I suggest you not waste another weekend :-).


I could be wrong, but in the absence of some additional info (at least, how may fields there are) any algo that we came up with would only get the right answer out of pure chance. In the absence of the map provided with the solution, why should we assume the fields are mostly rectangular, instead of bisected into triangles? Or mostly the same size, instead of a few big ones and lots of small ones? Or that every possible pair of points provided is connected by a hedge? It seems to me that the problem as stated forced us into providing some input (text or file) defining the fextent of each field.


Liked your thoughts, though. Please let me know if you do come up with something bett




5 - Atom

Had a go at this one not realizing that it was classed as Advanced - I created a separate Excel spreadsheet with a sequence of points as I couldn't see another way of generating the poly-lines and polygons so will check other solutions with interest - it was my first go using the geo-spacial tools so was pleased I got an answer even though it may not be the right one

6 - Meteoroid

I spent too long on this but didnt quite get there.


Try harder next time !!!!!!!!!

7 - Meteor

As a beginner with spatial analytics I had to cheat with the solution a couple times (specially for the inner fence length). Still, the exercise helped me learn some new Spatial tools and practice some of the concepts learned in the ADAPT Spatial Analytics Introduction Tutorial. Hopefully, I won't need help for the next challenge that involves spatial tools 😉