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Challenge #213: Optimized Flower Arrangements


Never used the Optimization tool before.




8 - Asteroid

I have chosen the Mixed Integer Program...but the result is the same


Solution attached

Alteryx Certified Partner

This is probably my favorite Alteryx Tool.


It had been while since I used it thought so I had to brush up on the examples located in Help -> Sample Workflows -> Predictive tools samples -> Prescriptive Analysis.

Sample filesSample files


But here is my take on this weeks challenge


The WorkflowThe Workflow


What I think is cool about the optimization tool, is that is just does its thing!
So in the result the optimization returns an objective value of 417, which means the total number of flowser used.
But if we take the number of each of the optimized flowers, and calculate the total value
Calculate totalCalculate total


Then you can actually see, that the optimization reach a total of 949,90 $ for the 417 flowers 
Total number and Total oriceTotal number and Total orice


One thing missing contranit would have to make sure that there was the same amount of flowers in each arrangement.
The optimization gives a result for a total og 57 red roses for the ten arrangement, but you can't really af 5.7 red roses to each arrangement. 😉

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Here is my solution.

5 - Atom

My solution, thanks.

9 - Comet

Hi! Here my solution WITHOUT Optimization tool 😜 haha


Anotación 2020-05-13 000651.png
13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

After being off for a couple of weeks, catching back up to the top of the leaderboard.  New tool for me.  Reminds me of learning solver, but much easier to use.


Workflow 213.png


10 - Fireball

Cool, another tool under my belt. Will be probably coming back to this challenge whenever I need to use optimization tool ever again