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Challenge #211: Generating Email Addresses

9 - Comet

My solution is attached here. Great challenge!

Alteryx Certified Partner

Thanks for the challenge!

Please find my solution attached.

7 - Meteor

Another fun challenge. I put a REGEX tool in to get rid of the numbers. If anyone struggles a bit with building their REGEX expressions, https://regexr.com/ is an excellent resource.

8 - Asteroid

Great tip, thanks for sharing 🙂  

6 - Meteoroid

one more! YAY. 



I didn't know about the RegEx tool. 
My workflow achieve the end result but the solution from the challenge looks like have a more objective and robust approach.
I will definitely remember about RegEx tool next time. 
Learning curve. 





5 - Atom

Had some good fun with this one.

8 - Asteroid

No REGEX! Hahaha!


Cleansing the data early saves effort!
Amin_ 211.PNG
11 - Bolide
5 - Atom


7 - Meteor

Still struggling with RegEx but that's okay I'll get better over time