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Challenge #205: Taynalysis

8 - Asteroid


First, for year 2008 the words "NEVER" and "ONE" each occur 19 times and are 10 and 11 on top 10 count. So,they both need to be included in the top 10 count. "ONE" needs to be added to 2008 top ten word list. 


Second, one of the strengths of Alteryx is it's ability to clean up dirty data. Why wouldn't the solution be represented by this process?




13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

My solution, thank's regex 😄

8 - Asteroid

My solution attached. Off by a couple distinct lines for some albums.

10 - Fireball

I've got a better grasp on why I dislike Taylor Swift... Or perhaps why I stopped listening to the music that was written for her or by her...


Here's my take on parsing and counting these lyrics


5 - Atom

Hi folks - this is my first ever Alteryx Challenge! Let me know if I don't post this correctly!


Looking through others pictures, it looks like I have some opportunities to simplify, but not too bad overall.


I also had the challenge where my numbers don't 100% align to the answer, so interested to read more on why that is. I tried with and without cleaning steps to no avail.




Thanks for the challenge,


7 - Meteor

Here is my proposed solutions, having a small discrepancies with the proposed output as well despite using the latest start file. Quite interested to see how my grouping function differs from the proposed solutions.


Workflow :




12 - Quasar

I'm not a much of a Taylor Swift fan, but when you work in the quick-service Restaurant industry, milkshakes are a frequent conversation topic. Getting "Shake It Off" stuck in your head is kind of an occupational hazard. 🥤


As others did, my solution has a few little differences from the provided solution. I'll be interested to see how it was solved!


Workflow (my solution is pretty similar to many others):



For Taylor Swift, "should've" showed up in my top 10, but not in the solution. I would have considered that a stop word, but it wasn't in the provided list.

For Red, I had one more "just" (40) than "back" (39), so my top 10 words ;were in a different order than the solution.

In practice, I probably wouldn't have removed apostrophes in pre-processing, because it causes some issues (like the word ill being matched with the stop word I'll), however, removing the apostrophes seemed to give a better match to the provided solution.



8 - Asteroid

Here is my solution, but I can't quite got 2 albums' unique and duplicate lines numbers:




5 - Atom

First post ever!


I believe I got the correct answer, but am eager to hear other people's view on whether I was too roundabout in how I got my solution. Tried joining 3 different tables, one for each section of the question.

8 - Asteroid

Hi My Approach much similar with others.