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Challenge #20: List Parsing

8 - Asteroid

A little rusty using Regex

Alteryx Partner

Great challenge

10 - Fireball

glad this one is over...

Alteryx Certified Partner

This was a tough one! 


I actually ended up deciding not to match completely with the output file, because I believe that a few of the phone numbers in that output have accidentally been left appended to addresses, and I have been able to separate these out. 

9 - Comet

oh my freakin' G this challenge was brutal for me, and my solution is not pretty. I was able to get everything to mesh but for *one* misidentifed address. I looked at the solution and I think this would have been easier for me if I had not separated out the phone number processing before everything else. But this was good RegEx practice I must say.

8 - Asteroid

This was a pretty difficult challenge; some of the fields are easy to parse with the regex tool, but some other ones are more complicated. The very easy fields to parse were the notes, web address, and fax; however, the telephone number had way too many formats to capture such as 1-800 Flowers and DialWord. eg: (\d{3}[-. ]\d{3}[-. ]\d{4}|\d-\d{3}-DialWord|\d-\d{3}-Flowers)


It would take a lot longer to identify all the possible formats and include them in the regex tool. The same goes for the address field.


8 - Asteroid

Wow, this one was challenging.  Just when I think I have RegEx nailed down.  



Challenge 20 MP.png

My RegEx for the Address and Phone Extraction (part I thought was the most challenging):  (^.+\s+)(\d{3}[-]\d{3}[-]\d{4}.*|1-\d{3}[-]\d{3}[-]\d{4}.*)





8 - Asteroid
8 - Asteroid

Here goes!

8 - Asteroid

I took some inspiration from other solutions to solve this challenge.

Thank you.